Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Now I remember why I don't want to go back

So, the old boss (that had to fire me) called a while ago asking if I was still working at Lackland The sekrit government facility, and if I wasn't would I go back working for them.

I told him, I'm working now getting $20/hr and don't have a two hour commute- so he told me to let him know if I knew anyone who could drill and had a CDL. 
(He's turning work away right now).

About three weeks he called and asked again, this time I told him I'd do it just to help his emergency work @ $20/hr. so I made $460 watching this for two and a half days-

Today I had to pick up the rock saw, take it completely to the other side of town to "just trench a 40' ditch"
I get there and was told that "there are some pipes down there, but we don't know where they are. Nobody does."

'and you want me to drop a saw that'll rip that pipe in half before anyone knows what happened?'

"We'll fix it, we just need to get the trench cut."
So I back up to the wall and start dropping the blade and watch him as I'm going through asphalt and when to stop and start trenching. He gives the sign and I start, and stop so we can see what depth I'm cutting at.
I went back to look and told him:  'We're cutting across a trench, see that sharp difference between the calicie and the black dirt?'
"I'll be watching for anything and stop you."
I go about three more feet and he's having a panic attack trying to get me to stop.

I cut through 2 water lines and the power to the well pump. Wrapped that #2 wire up like spaghetti on a fork.
So we move up a little and try it again and after about 5', he's telling me to stop and raise the blade.
We just missed the sewer service to the septic tank....

SO...the job Super has an idea to feet the water well pump through another trench (since they're rewiring it anyway)
They mark the trench out and I'm telling the Foreman- "I don't like this, nobody got line locates, and nobody knows where anything is.... OR what kind of crap is buried out here"
"There has to be phone lines feeding that house, and I don't know what else..."

"Dude, everything is above ground except where it goes into the main building."

"Yeah, I know it's SUPPPOSED to be that way, but....... OK, lets see what else we can fuck up."
"I mean Ronnie can't fire me again. I don't even really work for him right now :-)'

So I start trenching and pull up an 8 pr phone line.
As evryone is looking at that, I'm going on to where a drain line used to be- before we cut it off.
As I'm getting close the Super tells me that I've broke enough things today and load the saw up for the next job ...all the way across town again.

As I'm lifting the blade and starting to get away from the trench, I buried that 5 ton Vermeer up to its frame.
It took all the chain I had on the haul truck and about three hours to get it out.

I called mu boss and told him I was heading back to the yard after I got fuel and we'd do something Monday.
I also told him that rock saw had no business over there and a mini-ex would have done a better job with less damage.
He said, yeah- you're right but that's what they insisted on.

It took almost three hours to get back to the yard because of Thanksgiving traffic.
Every road heading north (where the yard is) was nothing but a parking lot.

So- what are YOU thankful for this year?

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