Tuesday, November 05, 2013

This is my shocked face

--Really.  Who would ever imagine Democrats pieing the vote?
Especially in VA, where they have a HUGE Clintonite fundraiser going against a Teabagger?

Yeah, me neither... now which party has unions who would intentionally fuck-up the voting procedure to help their guy win?


  1. Voting fraud and trickery is going to be a bigger and bigger issue in this country as the Dems/Progs try to keep their political power.

  2. A had a momentary thought about morals and ethics .... then I realized that we are dealing with the ... left.

  3. it's not fraud. This is just dorking things up because the people who run the poling places are not smart enough to be voting, let alone managing the voting system.


  4. I just voted in virginia. Paper ballot. Felt pen. Optical counter.