Sunday, November 03, 2013


Without it, there is no way to decide what the numbers mean.

Here we have an entire article about how devastating 0bamas food stamp cuts are going to be @ $36 /mo.
and the ONLY reference is that it " which equates to a deficit of about one week of meals per month."

So you mean that the average food stamp recipient gets only  $144/mo?
I guess it depends where you look. The 0bama administration only gives $300/mo to disabled Latino women who are caring for two generations in Minnesota, and others get $264 for a family of four (they must be white).

So........ It's 0bama's Sequester that's causing this, but the Republicans will get the blame.
If it were up to me, those food stamps would ONLY be good for raw staples (rice, beans- bread, pasta, sauce meat...) instead of Dominoe's, Mc Donalds, ice cream, freeze-pops...

But, then- I'm just an evil, bigoted Conservative who must hate poor people.

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