Sunday, October 13, 2013

Movin on up.....

to the Southside....

Found 10 acres north of Poteet, Tx about ten miles closer to work with big (huge actually) oak trees deer tracks and hopefully hog.

Yep, we're finally going to be able to build that straw bale house and shoot pig from the back porch.

Ohh...........and we have cell reception!


  1. North or south of 1604? My family has some property about 5 miles south of 1604 off of 16.

    1. South. Off Old Pleasanton RD.
      As a guess, I'd say about halfway between Poteet and 1604

    2. Looks to be about 4 or 5 miles from our property. We're back behind the new Dollar General on 16 a few roads down before the culvert. Next time I'm up at the property I'll drop you an e-mail, maybe we can set up a meeting.

  2. You'll love it living out there. Get a good .22 for small varmints, maybe a .243 for those hogs.

  3. Sometimes I wish that I had hog infestations to worry about rather than skunks...

    Ok, actually, I'm always going to wish for that, even if it's more work to deal with a few hundred pounds of bacon.