Monday, December 17, 2012

One more thing about the Connecticut shooting

 Who remembers the MSM sometime late on Friday or Saturday that the wack-job tried to buy a gun the previous week, but was denied?

Ok, that background check worked like it was supposed to, right?

Aren't those background checks supposed to be destroyed after being ok'd or denied?
Or is it the responsibility of the gunshop to keep records?

So, if the .GOV has records of what you bought-- what's to stop them from showing up on your doorstep and saying "0bama and Holder have decided that your brand new AR or AK is now illegal and if you don't want to see the inside of a prison for fifteen years hand it over"?

Congress? I laugh
The SCOTUS? I'm remembering the 0bamaKare decision and now am ROTFLMAO. 


  1. Sadly, all of my guns were just lost in a tragic boating accident.

  2. Here in Wisconsin, the FBI E-Check only verifies that someone ASKED to purchase a gun - there's no immediate record of a sale or delivery. As an FFL, I have to keep the 4473 for 20 years, and let law enforcement look at it if they demand to - and make copies, but they cannot take the records.

    For handguns, Wisconsin makes me call the "Handgun Hotline" and send them $13 per call, along with the paperwork - so they have a record of a purchase, but no serial number or model information. I guess that qualifies as a "registration" in that they know you bought SOMETHING...

    There's no requirement here - that I know of - to tell the police about a theft...

  3. Dealers have to keep that 4473 on file even for cases who are turned down during the instant check. I don't think that law enforcement checks on prohibited persons who try to buy. The dealers are not told why instant checks are turned down, so they are completely out of any possible intervention loop.