Friday, December 21, 2012

An update on the S-10 front

Apparently, Chevy(or their Japanese supplier) included a low oil cut-off switch in the V-6.

All I did was add a quart of oil to my too low crankcase and it fired right up.
I have a slow leak from the front seal and I'm about 1500 miles late on the oil


  1. I'm glad it was something simple and cheap Kurt.

  2. Most electronic fuel injection GMs I've worked on use an ECM controlled relay for the fuel pump with an oil pressure switch for back should hear the pump run for a few seconds when you first turn the key on as it primes the system...some run for a couple of seconds after you turn the key off, too.

  3. Better than paying for a fuel pump.

  4. That'll learn ya!

    First time I've heard of the oil level sensor cutting the fuel.

    I knew about the pressure sensor, but that is a post-crank item.

  5. I don't know if that WAS it.
    the only thing I tried differently than when it didn't run was add a QT of oil and use the spare key (that was cut a little off) and she fired right up.

    I turned it off, switched keys and fired right off.

  6. I think that's cool. Preventing a $2500 dollar repair with a $10 switch.