Thursday, December 06, 2012

A girl and her gun- blog had a good run this week

In her answer to an "expert" telling how to foil potential attackers.
Gave me the Rule Five Thursday idea of Gunny girls (who aren't married to TSM):

I just feel a need to critique these pics,,,,ok?
Sure, it's my blog and i hope that my visitors will feel the same.

#1- Yep- She's an operator. Make her happy -or you won't be.

#2- In a heartbeat. Like a screen door.

#3- Muffin-top, even when you have to force it!

#4- If you cropped everything out of that pic except the smile, you'd know she was an American.

#5- Raquel Welch... even I'd probably be speechless at her........................ power...


  1. First one would make a good Boris Vallejo model. :)

  2. The last one would make a good B- grade actress that looked good in a fur bikini!