Thursday, July 19, 2012

Your choice

Truth to power.
Biting the hand that feeds you.

More realistic battle scenes than we get nowadays.

The Battle of Culloden  on Netflix.

And the way our British overlords helped to ensure a free America...because we didn't want the benevolent attentions of the Crown going after our families.

AND how lucky we are that we had our military leader based on ability than royalty.

"Braveheart:" it's not.

Wow, Bonnie Prince Charlie lead the Scots rebels like  someone else I can think of  once he was defeated...

Umm..haven't I heard that before that 'Bonnie Prince  Charles Bravely runs away"?

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  1. Based on ability instead of royalty sounds like something America has lost. It's something that needs to be enstilled in the youth. Here is a book on modern day Americans taking a stand against tyranny.
    Bonnie Prince Charlie & others in history understand quite well that we must ensure our freedoms for posterity. Great article again. Thanks..