Saturday, July 14, 2012

Micro-stamping and you

So I read around thee intra-toobz how the forces of evil are trying to get micro-stamping as some kind of de-facto standard on new fire arms.

I was at Tx Thunder last week before going home on a rain day. I had about $350 in gift vouchers to spend, so I looked at a .357 in nickle (don't know the model) that I didn't like because
  1. I didn't like the slop in the cylinder lock-up
  2. It turned backwards to what I'm used to.
It also had a spur used for the firing pin.
An exposed spur that anyone with a piece of Emory cloth could have wiped out that micro-stamp in less than five minutes.

So I traded in my credits on a scoped .22 Henry...Which I could also jimmy the Micro-stamp with a judicious touch of JB weld.

I'm sure you've all seen the video of how to make a double-headed 16d form nail into a firing pin of an AR15/M-16 with almost no advanced machining required- right?

So you anti-freedom Libs who want to disarm honest citizens with your Barbara Streisand gun prohibitions can't win.

JB Weld
A file
A lathe
A nail can't win.


  1. Why bother? A revolver doesn't leave evidence with micro stamps behind, unless you are very careless.

    Anyway, last time I looked, firing pins and such are not "controlled items" and can be bought and changed out by anyone. I changed out a broken firing pin in a S&W Airlight in five minutes - part from Brownell's was under $10.

    Of course, the really nasty anarchist will just visit the local PO shooting range and harvest a few spent shells to salt the crime scene with...

  2. I figured that harvesting brass was so obvious that I didn't need to mention it...