Sunday, July 15, 2012

Haven't flown in quite a while

And never since the iWON started ramping-up the Fourth Amendment assaults in the airports.

I was catching up on Tams posts and one of them made me wonder about how hard they look at what's in your basket?

So, who can spot the dangerous object that could bring down a 747...or something:
...That's been on my keyring so long I forget I have it until I need it...


  1. The next time I take a commercial flight, the attendants might comment favorably on my choice of sidearm - and it won't be loaded with frangible bullets. Baggage will still get X-rayed and sniffed by bomb sensors, but that's just common sense.

    Not sure when I get to pass through the rift in space to Sanity World, though.

  2. I'm sorry, sir. You'll have to leave the can opener. It's considered an offensive weapon.

  3. I was screened for jury duty one time. They kept the 2" Swiss Army folding knife (with toothpick and scissors!) but let the oversized P38 can opener through.
    They have NO IDEA what they are doing.


  4. A P-38 won't open an MRE, but it will open you.

  5. They took mine away when I tried to pay a traffic fine.

    When I expressed bafflement they explained, slowly with small words, that weapons weren't allowed in the courthouse.

    I replied that since they have guns that they'd certainly be able end any fight started with a P38 long before it could advance to permanent injury. Besides, doesn't the kiosk RIGHT THERE sell hot coffee?