Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Three good reasons to hire a vet

I've nicknamed them Larry, Daryl and Daryl.

All can probably remember what their *under 21* drivers license looks like, but can't hold more than one idea in their heads at one time; much less think ahead.

I've told them over and over that the fastest way to get something f*cked-up here is to just *drop* it on the ground when I'm on the backhoe, or they're driving around.
I've told them that the next time they just drop something and I end up putting it in the dirt pile- they'll find out just how easy it is to take three steps to lean it on a tree instead of having to dig it out of that dirt pile...with broken shovels, because they just *drop* them too.

I've had it. the Super has had it, and we had a talk with them this morning and not one word made it through their self...whatever. You could see it in their eyes just how we were wasting their time trying to get them to think ahead.

I should have sent them all home this morning, but we needed to get some pot-holing done.
We finally got a number on an ex-AF guy who was in Red Horse- who boss and I can relate to, I just wish we could find more vets wanting work in San Antonio- we'd have a kick-ass crew!

Then, after we get three blocks worth of rocks picked up by hand- Larry, Daryl and Daryl can sit home and not listen to "the man" as long as their UI lasts.


  1. You ought to try someone with a fresh master's degree, with only university work experience. Arrogant, worthless, etc., etc. They know everything, and can't do anything.