Saturday, April 25, 2009


You know, since sis and BiL are coming here tomorrow, and you mentioned hitting the range?

I stopped at the Powderhorn to pick up a couple boxes of .38 SPl...

And I was looking at some of their used autoloaders...

I used some of that Obama money I've been stashing for emergencies on a layaway.
And just what did you put on layaway, and how much do you owe?

A Beretta 9MM,$300 down and $175 to pay off. I would have just bought the thing, but wanted to have emergency cash.
Well go bring it home and we'll see if I like it.

Have I got a cool wife, or what?
It has a double stacked mag which makes the feel a lot wider than I'm used to.
I may even have to start using the 'right' grip now, instead of what I'm comfortable with.


She likes it. Says it feels better than her Bersa .380 Thunder and won't be so much afraid of the slide.

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