Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm still waiting on my unicorn

But that doesn't matter to the fanbois in the lamestream media.
They just can't cram enough soundbites of the Annointed One into their fawning coverage.

It's getting so I just turn off the radio when WOAI has the Foxnews on at the half hours just to avoid the inevitable slurping as they inflict another lie tingle inducing soundbite on their captive audience.

I thought I was hearing Himself more than even Bush right after 9-11, and it seems I was right. According to Fox news, they and their pantie wetting pals have devoted more slobbering coverage to the Narcessist in Chief than Clinton and Bush put together.

When they finally get tired of deepthroating the brown rod, they'll start to realize how badly they were pissed on and will go completely the other way. Then we'll be having back-to-back coverage by a media that sounds like a deranged Perez Hilton.

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