Thursday, December 09, 2004

Why do illegals need drivers licenses?

I'm sitting here looking at properties in Marion, and have O'reilly on in the background. He's got an anti illegal guy on and a Lib. Both are arguing about illegals w/ drivers licenses, and if it's needed or not. It sounds like Hannity and Colms.

Anyway, the question is WHY let illegals have drivers licenses, or any other quasi-legal ID? I know, the Libs and their fellow travelers say "it's a "safety issue".
HOW? They were breaking the law when they came here, have been driving without a DL or insurance since they got the vehicle. Does ANYBODY actually think that an illegal will go through all the BS involved in getting a "real" DL? What about the outrageous insurance premium?
I guess the answer to that is get the GOV'T to insure them (cringing) to, ya-know be sure they're "legal". That goes with the FREE schooling -bilingual of course wouldn't want the kids to actually KNOW English in America, FREE medical care-thanks taxpayers,
free/reduced food/WIC, etc- thanks taxpayers again.
These are the people coming from a (more or less) anti-American third world country dragging us the US down to their level with their third world living habits. We don't/won't do a damn thing because it's politically incorrect to expect them to accommodate themselves to us, the US.
You have all these apologists out there bending us to their will. WHY? Are they too LAZY to learn to live like an American? Are they to pendejo to learn to live like an American? Is their third world civilization BETTER than ours?
I want to know WHY we have to accommodate them. No other culture came to America and EXPECTED us to change to their will.

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