Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hang up and DRIVE

I'm really getting tired of that hour long commute twice a day. People do me, and the rest of the drivers on the road a favor- HANG UP and DRIVE !

There were almost two wrecks in front of me because the drivers were too busy jacking their jaws at somebody miles away. I almost got T-boned a day ago because a blond teen-ager couldn't be bothered to stop at a STOPSIGN in her BIMMER because she was f*cking with her phone.

There are studies out (you go find the stats) that a person on a cell phone is as bad a driver as someone with .08 B.A.C.- I think they drive like they're even drunker than that. And ummmm LEGISLATORS... handsfree phones aren't the answer.

Truckers have been using C.B. radio since it's been available. The BIG difference is that they're talking to other DRIVERS. Not conveying some abstract idea to someone thousands of miles away, or giving instructions about how to unjamb the coppier.

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