Thursday, December 09, 2004

But are they "real" vets?

Remember all those "nam vets" who were having all that trouble. The ones wanting gov't help because of their experiences? The ones who, after just a little research turned out to be fake vets?

According to "advocates" the Iraqi vets are starting to turn up in homeless shelters.

"I drove off in my truck. I packed my stuff. I lived out of my truck for a while," Seabees Petty Officer Luis Arellano, 34, said in a telephone interview from a homeless shelter near March Air Force Base in California run by U.S.VETS, the largest organization in the country dedicated to helping homeless veterans, , ,
, , ,A gunner's mate for 16 years, Arellano said he adjusted after serving in the first Gulf War. But after returning from Iraq, depression drove him to leave his job at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He got divorced."
There are no Gunners Mate rates in the SeaBees, GMs are temporaraly assigned to Battalions.

And they talk about gov't medical care. I know gov't medical care, that's why I want my own Dr.

Read about it here.

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