Friday, December 03, 2004

It's a liberal self parody

You just can’t make up what the has to say about those immature, selfish, haughty, whinny liberals progresives reality biased Kerry supporters. This time they had so many needing ‘help’ that they were treated en mass.

“The first of several free (free? NOTHING is FREE, who’s tax dollars are paying for it?) noontime therapy sessions at the American Health
Association in Boca Raton was designed to treat what mental health
counselors have dubbed Post Election Selection Trauma (PEST).
“If I had a cardboard cutout of President Bush, and these people wanted to
throw darts at it, I would let them do it,” Robert J. Gordon, AHA executive
director, told the Boca News after the session. “It’s no joke. People with
PEST were traumatized by the election. If you even mention religion, their
faces turn blister-red as they shout at Bush.”
Of course- they’re LIBERALS.

“I’m scared,” said one man. “Democracy is at stake and nobody is rising to
protest this president.”
“I want to be a patriot, but it’s impossible to be a patriot in an immoral
( I thought Liberals were trying to over turn “morals”) said another participant, a woman. “Bush is breaking up marriages and dividing families by keeping our troops in Iraq.” We won’t mention “No Fault” divorce, will we?

“The media outlets, especially Rush Limbaugh and his ilk on talk radio,
scare our patients to death,” said Gordon, facilitator for the meetings.
“More than anything else, people with PEST tremble physically.”

According to AHA officials, symptoms of PEST are similar to post-traumatic
stress disorder. They include nightmares, sleeplessness, hostility,
listlessness, and emotional outbursts including threats to leave the
Sounds like the DU to me.
“There’s an overall sense of emotional helplessness and abandonment,” said
Sheila Cooperman, a licensed AHA psychotherapist from Delray Beach. “In
psychology, we call it ‘learned helplessness

I won’t ruin the rest, just go read and laugh at them.

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