Sunday, December 22, 2013

5 Guys Burgers

So we went to look at a plot of land (16 acres with a small house asking $125K) and we decided to stop into an over-hyped California burger joint so see what it was all about.

$25 for basically two meals.
Mc Donalds has better flavor than those burgers.
Karen mentioned that she could do better with Wally-World ingredients and I agree.


  1. I never was impressed by them, either. First time I ate there I got a hamburger and fries, they gave me a big ol' bag of burnt fries. I guess that's a sort of company trademark, because the few times I ate there after that they gave me a big ol' bag of burnt fries. It finally went out of business, guess there wasn't a market for burned french fries. Who knew?

  2. They vary a lot by location. The bane of a chain store...

    The closest location to be does quite well, the next closest is vile...


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