Sunday, July 08, 2012

Changyness and me

In the last 3  1/2 years I'll tell you how our Wally-world visits have changed.

Back in Jan. '09 we had:
Store brand bread for $.74
Meat that wasn't the best, but affordable
Shredded cheese bags for about $6.25
Miracle Whip for about $2.25
A head of iceberg lettuce for about $.50
Green bell peppers for about $.33
A pound can of coffee for about $4.50

Now, in July `12
Store brand bread for $1.25
Meat that cost like a good cut and leaves 2 cups of water when you cook it
Shredded cheese bags for almost $9.00
Miracle Whip for about $3.75 (on sale)
A head of iceberg lettuce for about $1.00
Green bell peppers for about $.88
A pound can of coffee for about $7.50

I'd *really* hate to see much more change....


  1. I think many people don't have a clue on why the price of food has risen, or are even aware of the substantial changes over the last three years.

    Me? I've been pissed ever since the prices started climbing. I knew this would be some sort of a repeat of that dumbass Carter and it's been proven by current prices.

    Damn them and their spawn. The world would be better without the entire bunch.

  2. The only way I've been able to keep up with the rising costs? I coupon obsessively and stockpile when I can get things at the lowest possible price. Mayonnaise on sale for $1.50 after sale price and doubled coupon? I buy 4 or 6 jars, not 1. Small coffee tins for $1 each after sale and double coupon? Last time this happened I bought 36 cans. Won't go bad and I'll use it. Why buy for $4 a piece when I can pay $1?

    Sad. I live in one of the wealthiest counties in the country - a spit's throw from the Capital. Anywhere else in the US we'd be doing well. Here? We're barely afloat.

  3. That can't be right. The official inflation rate is only 2-3 percent annually. Someone must be lying to you.


  4. So... along with those rising prices, did any of those containers shrink?

    I've noticed that on quite a few items.


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