Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Well........ Fuck

 It looks like the F-250 is going to be another damage magnet.

TxDOT is working on I-10 east of San Antonio- both sides, and has been for about the last three and a half years. The construction zone is about 25 miles.

I was having to follow some steering wheel holder who either was afraid of those Jersey Walls or didn't know (or care) where his truck was. So I was in the hammer lane watching his left outside duallies in my lane and his inner ones riding the zipper.
Then about at the county line (about five miles east) he kicked up a rock. I don't know how big it was exactly, but between a baseball and a gold ball size rising up and heading right towards my chest.

It almost missed the bottom of my windshield. but hit hard enough to spall glass.

And -I wasn't tailgating, but was too close.
I guess I should be glad it didn't hit that aluminum hood.....

Now I need to find out how much an F0-250 windshield is, be cause I have an actual hole in the glass.

Yeah, that dirt came from where it hit.

Call a local number and get sent to India for a replacement price of $650.
Finally find a local shop and the price drops to $330.

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  1. Yep had that happen too. Fist sized rock came out of the rear duelies of a gravel truck. Don't know how long that rock was in there, but kapow.