Friday, March 10, 2023

The F-250 tailgate saga pt2

 So I fixed made the tailgate better.

I found out by looking for how to get the top cap off, that this is obviously a problem for people who don't baby their trucks. In this toob, you can see someone (factory of shop) added pop rivets to the weak spot on top. I used bolts.

The top rail isn't really "hard" to get off, except that as you can see- it has about 100 keeper tabs on it that you HAVE to pinch, because if you just pull- they break. I'm sure they have a tool for it because linemans and needle nose pliers didn't reach.


Reinforced where the side was buckled and torn.

Anyway, it looks better


  1. Back in the old days, hood, door, tailgate skins were spotwelded on. Now they are glued on - and not just by Ford.

  2. At one time, a replacement tailgate from a used parts shop was inexpensive, and the replacement task was easy. Now, with some of the expensive tech installed, they can set you back a paycheck or two.