Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Ford. Built. Tough.

 The result of unloading two round bales with a good size flat spot on each.

I *knew* I should have bought that 2500 Z-71 4x4 Sierra, even with the problematic dash...

And -yeah, that metal is ripped right below the top trim.


  1. Some of the newer trucks have aluminum beds. They're light, but not nearly as strong as high tensile strength rolled steel.

    1. That's what this one is.
      The wife's (the red one in the background) is a 2013 F-150 that had the almost the same problem with a steel tailgate that was just sandwiched steel instead of welded like my 2013 Silverado.

  2. I have a 2016 F350. The tailgate is crap. I have the one with the pull out step and lift bar. The lock aggravates me to no end. My tailgate now sits against the back wall of the garage and I have a net in it's place.