Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Why would anyone with options want to be a cop in Chicago?

 Or any other Liberal city that wants them gone?

Now Chi-town is trying to con Marines who are getting out to make that mistake.
Between the defunding, scapegoating, and just anti-cop attitude- why would anyone want that?The youngest asked me once what a self fulfilling prophesy was and I never thought it would be the PD.

You have the Left going after cops money and the DA's and City Board members attacking cops for everything they do.
The press jumps on anything and lies about how bad the cops are and what kind of lawless thugs they are.....
So the good ones find a new department in a Red city where they don't have to put up with the shit and the bad ones- racists, sadists, bullies, abusers..... All stay because they either like doing it or can't find something else. Then the city can't find good cops and the bad ones keep doing what they can get away with, the pols and press keep dumping on them and the only new cops they can hire are as bad- or worse than the bad cops they already have.

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