Saturday, February 05, 2022

Jeezuz Krist- FedFx

 That package of (fucking expensive) 30-30 came from San Antonio.
All you had to do was deliver it 45 miles EAST.

Now, because you fucked up with a bar code reader- it's on it's way to Coranado, California.


  1. What the F is up with FEDX ? The hub we get ours from is in Troutdale Oregon. It is a cluster flop getting things from them. They lost my B&S engine for my tiller. A bunch of my Wifes stuff. People in town hate them.

  2. Only 45 miles - I could have delivered it for about 10 bucks worth of gas - even at today's prices!

  3. The package will probably be seized by the People's Republic of Kalifornication if it isn't looted from the container. If it is looted and someone gets hurt, you will be in deep doo-doo.

  4. But it had to go to Memphis first.

    But don't feel sad; in the last six weeks, USPS has lost not one but two priority mail packages of mine.