Thursday, January 06, 2022

Pressure canning

 Since Slow Joe decided he's going to get Big Government to "do something" about the price of meat that "Big Meat" is costing the consumer...
I'm looking at a cheap, fatty roll of e-coli burger to cost $10/LB  when he's done.

So we decided to stock up now when meat is only fucking expensive and to preserve it.
I'd rather go the drying rout, but research says that drying without freezing only lasts about a year.

So the other potions are brining, salting or canning.

I tried pressure canning about 5 pounds of meat today- I'm still out on WC for my knee- why not? It's too cold to work on the band saw.

With prep time and the half hour it takes to just get the steam rolling out the vent (before waiting the 10 minutes to actually start cooking/canning. and the 90 minutes it takes to actually cook the jars at 11PSI (12 was steadier and I doubt more heat is a problem) we're looking at a good 2 1/2 hours before you can start waiting to for the canner to depressurize on it's own......
Which I'm doing now and don't know how long it'll take--- we're looking at an all day job of babysitting a glorified quick cooker.

At least humans have the supermarket.


  1. Humans drink milk because we are the only mammals capable of getting it and using it. Show me a mammal that will not drink milk if offered. Even my chickens drink milk if offered!

  2. Kurt. For a one-quart jars fill 1" cubed meat (moose, deer, or other leaner types) filled to the shoulder and add 1/4 tsp ground pepper and same of salt. 2 tbsp ketchup. Makes a great hash for winter days.

  3. I've pressure canned chili and gumbo before, too. Much yum.

  4. I have cooked ground beef, drained and washed off to get all the fat out added taco seasoning, and then filled to the shoulder, and pressure canned. It makes a quick and easy meal with no real effort.

  5. the visual of canned ground beef is pretty .. hard to overcome but if you're hungry enough. I have made patties, 3 will fit per pint jar and covered with either brown gravy or spaghetti sauce and it isn't as bad. Spousal unit will heat it up, (or eat as is).
    As a small scale beef farmer, my suggestion is to find someone whowill sell you a 1/2 or entire animal to get a head on the beef price. It's going to get scarce. or you'll be eating franken meat.