Saturday, January 15, 2022

Forty years ago-

 I was a little non-rate CECN and my Battalion was either just getting back from Guam or getting ready to deploy to Rota, Spain.
I'd been in for a little over a year- boot camp, BEEPs school, CE A-school meeting the battalion....

One of the two main reasons I enlisted was because the economy was so bad that I couldn't find a good job. Even trade unions weren't taking apprentices.

Fast forward to now and the 0biden-Harris regime is putting America back there again with Carters Stagflation on steroids and inflation  about the same.
We lost the cold war and are living in what looks more and more like a Central American republic. Graft, favoritism, schools and financial systems steered by political juntas and the fact of the day.

I have about 20-25 years left to endure, but I really feel bad for my kids and grandkids for whom this is the new soviet normal.


  1. kids 8-16 today will think the Covid bullshit and shit economy are normal.

  2. 38 years ago I was in Navy Boot camp at Great Mistakes Naval Training Center. I was SR, I have broken 38 years of service spread over 3 branches, and 6 components, with 10 years total active duty. My pension at 60 will be sufficient to allow me to go my own way and be realtivly self sufficient. If the collapse could please hold off for just a measly 3 more years, I would really be grateful.
    I'm not sure how I got this far down the slide for life, but am still enjoying the ride.