Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Be wrry, werry scared of them.

Komrad Dragon-d1ck and his Ack-forty seven...  

And yeah, it's a spoof.

Via Eaton Rapids Joe.


  1. They're actually pretty dangerous (but only to the folks they don't want to fight), but pretty easy to immobilize. Situational awareness, and a .25 auto is pretty much all you need to take these MoFo's out. 9 to .45 is what I'd prefer, but who want's to make a lot of noise?

  2. This is a put-up job right? BTW the ghutra goes well with The Ramones t-shirt.

  3. get close and use a 22 under the armpit. 2 or 3 rounds in the armpit works every time. quiet and no fuss. and the really great thing is no one can hear the shots over 10 feet away. just sayin.