Thursday, December 09, 2021

A Constitutional Convention?

 So you have a Constitutional Convention- or Convention of States....
And it doesn't actually turn into a Communistic overturn somehow.

Just HOW are you thinking you'll be able to force anyone in DeeCee to obey this new constitution?

Leftist Democrats aren't going to probably even acknowledge it
The Woke military that's been purged and only looks to Miley isn't going to do anything to enforce it.
Even if the Republicans agreed with it- they lack the balls to do anything.

The same DoJ that tried a soft coup for four years would rather lock up the people who got in on that Convention of States.

So............. do we really want it to come to this and God only knows what'll happen when the silent majority get involved.


  1. Sneak into DC with state militia and remove them from office. Like a good anti-communist. That's the answer to the first question.

  2. A convention of state is only possible after a bloody revolution and patriots must be willing to eliminate all oppositions by purging and removing any dissenters. like or not half this nation populations need to be remove to restore the republic.