Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Experiments in dehydration -part 1

 So the wife finally decided that I wasn't stupid to be getting more food than we'd use in about two weeks.
-So she bought a used dehydrator.

Her first go was mushrooms which seem to have turned out well.
Then she went to strawberrys........ which- we'll see. They're stuck to the screen right now waiting for her to process them.

I cannot find canned fire roasted tomatoes, so I thought I'd give it a try.
I sliced Roma tomatoes about a quarter inch thick (more or less) and put the first batch on a tin foils sheet on a pan. I figured at least it would save some clean up.
I use broil on high for 17 minutes, and the pan/sheet about the middle shelf.
Then it tried turning them over for another five minutes.

I got them out and the really thin ones were burnt to the foil.
After putting them on the drying rack I did the next batch (5 Romas to fill a baking sheet)

This time I crumpled the foil and used the back (clean) side for the same times.

When I pulled them out, all I did was stretch the foil and almost all fell right onto the drying rack.


Now we'll see what happens in about seven hours.


  1. We dehydrate a lot of our garden tomatoes (50# or more). Slice, paint with olive oil, dust with dried oregano and basil, then into the dryer. Two schools - wife likes 125 for as long as it takes (often 12 hours), I prefer 150-165 for less time. Dry to leather consistency and store packed in oil or bagged and frozen. Hers taste more fresh, mine more like fire roasted or sun dried. No pre-cook needed, and the oil prevents sticking to the racks. Also we buy and dry bananas when on sale, apples pears and peaches when available, and of course all the garden peppers we can. Fresh herbs, berries and even flowers come out great on lower temperatures. Have not enjoyed my attempts at winter squash or avocados. Next up: onions and garlic, I expect good results from them. Did I mention jerky? Candied salmon?The dehydrator runs almost all the time!
    --Bar Lee Cornsight

  2. Keep us posted, we need to get into dehydrating too!