Sunday, October 17, 2021

AAR New Braunfels gun show

 Wife wanted to go, so we went.
I'm kinda surprised that my knee held up so well.

Saw a lot of EBRs.
I was kinda looking for a .357 in something like a Marlin flavor -but not Rossi, I've seen too many problems with them.
I was also kinda looking for an old AR with a carrying handle - which are like unicorns.

Then the wife wanted something to drink and as we were passing another table ----- I saw it 

An old AR I guess pre A-2 model with the slab sides and full 22" barrel with triangle guard.
He wanted $1300 for it.
So I passed- I couldn't convince myself to pay that much- again.

After sitting and the wife saying "I'm not telling you to buy it, but when you're ready- it's only going to be more expensive.
Plus I remembered the extra thousand I had from selling stocks when 0biden was finally installed, so...

We got to the booth again and someone had just bought it.

But I didn't walk away empty handed.
.............And the FBI was not called


  1. Next weekend I'll be at the Big Sandy shoot with my brother. It's bigger than Knob Creek.

  2. A local guy has a clean Korea era M1 carbine with six mags, 10 stripper clips, original ammo boxes and 1,100 rounds. He's asking $2,000. If I got him to $1,600 I might spring for it.

    1. Right now you're looking at a little less than a Dollar a round.
      I'd jump on that if it's not a civilian knock-off (Auto-Ord, Universal....)
      Here's where I get mine from-

  3. Full 20" barrel on those old SP1's.

    If it was really a factory gun with a 22" then $1,300 was cheap.