Sunday, September 09, 2018

Why I don't associate with Liberal- a personal experience

The wife has some liberal friends, she told one of them about kill pens and so- being a Liberal -she had to "do something".

So she went and bought three donkeys somewhere north of Dallas.

She told the wife "I think I bought three donkeys."
Wife: "You think you bought three donkeys?"
Lib: "I did buy three donkeys."

The wife was told where they were and to go get them.
-no gas money
-no pre-notice to anyone *this is important**
- only a vague address to where they were to be picked up.

So when the donkey finally get to Snakebit Acres and in the garden- to quarantine ours from whatever they could be carrying...........
We find out that the place they were supposed to go wouldn't take them--- because SHE DIDN'T ASK PERMISSION!

So Wife found two (or three) adoptors...IF they're healthy enough.

One is down with some kind of respiratory problem and another one has the same symptoms.

Now I'm going to have to rent a backhoe--one short notice to bury one of them on my dime.
And another one when the next one dies........... on my own dime and probably have to take off from work to do it.

...............Because that Liberal did "something" and has washed her hands of the results.

Butshe feels good about it- which is all that matters.

Which is all that matters whenever a Liberal does "something" to help----- and generally makes things worse.

But at least they feel good about "doing something".


  1. Present the liberal friend with the bill for the backhoe.

    Or, even better, dump the carcass on her doorstep.

    And, tell yer wife not to do that again.....

  2. What B said. How did the libtard's actions become you and your wife's responsibility?

    Get a chipper shredder, grind donkeys into meat paste, spread on Lib's lawn. I know. You're too nice.

    But presenting the idiot with boarding fees, transport fees, disposal fees, any other fee you can figure out. Hit the lib where it hurts.

    What does your wife think of all of this?

  3. She's pissed and won't do it again.