Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I thought you were supposed to be able to find anything on AlBores intratoobz

I've been looking for a good three hours on how the furling mechanism works on a water/farm windmill.
All I can find is a general description of how and why it works, or how to do it on wind generators.
It's centuries old technology that nobody wants to describe how it works. Even a parts breakdown doesn't show it all and the ONLY helpful description was on a side thread from some old time quilting site.


  1. You might have to go to a manufacture website and reverse engineer the mechanism from a parts catalog.

  2. I've been to two and didn't understand what I was looking for.
    But that link I followed explained the mechanics and how I understand what the tail springs were for.

  3. During very high winds I would be sent down to the windmill to pull a lever (at eye-level) down. This caused the tail vane (mounted on a hinge with springs) to move at a right angle to the blades of the windmill. thus the blades would not face the wind and the windmill would not pump water, and it didn't spin as much. If if was left facing into the wind, with the tail vane perpendicular to the blades, the windmill would tear itself apart.