Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A womans body, a womans choice

Unless your a 16 year-old girl who doesn't want an abortion.
Then a set of selfish Liberal parents want to force her to have one.

The lawyers were first contacted by the boy's mother, who said that the girl's parents were threatening both teens, according to Casey, who said the center then contacted the girl and offered their services gratis.
The lawsuit alleged that the girl's mother threatened to "slip (the teen) an abortion pill," took her daughter's phone and car, and kept her home from school to punish her for choosing not to abort her fetus. The mother told the teen that she was "making the biggest mistake of her life" by choosing to have the child and that the mother herself had undergone numerous abortions, so her daughter should, too, the lawsuit said.
It added that the pregnant girl's father told her he "was going to look into canceling" her health insurance. He texted his daughter that she "needs an ass whoopin'," the document said.
The parents told their daughter she could "continue to live in misery" in their home or she could "have the abortion and tell everyone it was a miscarriage," the lawsuit added.

So she has to sue them to be left alone.


  1. Wymyn are not as fond of "choice" as they want you to think they are. (Simone de Beauvior, anyone?)

    Of course, neither are modern liberals.

    1. That's because Liberalism isn't about loosening anything up- it's about control.

  2. 16 not adult, doesn't get to make adult decisions. Line is at 18.

    She wants to be an adult she needs to sue for emancipation, then WE get to pay for her decision in welfare and such.


    The child getting pregnant is just the culmination of the bad parenting. Why is this pregnant in the first place?