Monday, August 10, 2009

So I get to the yard this morning

I'm all laid out as to what my plans are for the day- when one of the service guys asks if I'm the one taking the boom truck up to Belton?

Um,,,,never heard about it, where is it?
Up by Tyler.

Oh, it's not (a local high end car dealer)- better call my boss.

As I'm dumping my tools into the first truck- his boss is calling mine.
As I drive my POV past them, my phone rings...Oh. look it's (bossman)!

You need to take the boom truck and yellow trailer with those light poles up to Belton and help service swap them out. You'll be up there several days.


To their boss- ok I'm yours, of course it would be nice to bring some clean stuff with me...
**You don't have anything?
Nope, this is the first I heard about it.
**Ok, go home and get your stuff, we'll get the truck sorted out.

I took a two and a half hour round trip to do a quick grab of what I'd need up there, including the internet unready laptop and took the most time looking for the birthday present Karen only watched one episode of.

Then back to work to drag the trailer from work to the HEB in Belton, Tx.

So,,, 2 1/2 hours later we pull in and drop the trailer so we can move poles when....
Those bases don't look right, they look too small.
-So out comes the tape and they're an inch and a quarter too the phone calls start.

We end up pulling a pole, making a template of the bottom and resetting the pole. Then resecuring the new poles and hooking up the trailer for the ride back to the yard.

I ended up with 11 hours today- 75% driving nowhere.

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