Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bad tires and good service

Several months ago I ran over something on the way to town (San ANtonio) and by the time I realized it, I'd gone through Castroville. By the time I got turned around and got to the tire shop, my sidewall was gone. I talked to the tire guy and decided on two new tires for the front -the most important ones, and changed my two worst tires out. The left rear had a plug in the shoulder and had at least two cans of fix-a-flat (that I know). Last month the truck started pulling to the right, so I stopped at my tire shop to have him look at maybe repairing a leak.
He took one glance at the right tire and walked right over to my left one and sair 'you've got a bulge on the shoulder'. I told him I didn't feel anything in the wheel and he told me it was almost around the entire tire- making it taller, so it would pull to the right.
OK, that makes sense. He remembered selling me the tires, and after calling his supplier replaced that one for free- cool, huh?

Today I had the other one go and was lucky enough to catch him while he was still open.
He told me he still hadn't heard from his dealer on the other one, but would replace this one gratis, too- except this time, since I'd been driving them for thousands of miles, I'd pay labor and ballancing.
I think that was pretty fair.

I'm talking about the guy ijn the blue building on the west side of town, not the one across from Super-S that ripped off my wife, or those thieves at Moreno's who charged me $45 for an engine scan they never did, and then tried talking me into rebuilding an engine for a $600 truck.

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