Monday, August 03, 2009

Operation 'Supply Our Students' is on again

You probably have something going on around you with a similar name.

I know these disadvantaged poor kids need school stuff. Probably more than those that are better off.

BUT--- when did it become *MY* responsibility to be guilted into buying them cr@p that their parents should be?
The stuff they're asking for doesn't really cost all that much. I know what's on the required supply list, I had kids in school lately.
These social-economically disadvantaged adults could forgo their carton of cut rate smokes and get their entire brood school supplies for a year.
-Or put off a payment on those low profile tires gracing your hoodmobile or the preamp and base that pisses-off people for a quarter mile around you,

What all those 'disadvantaged' people need is someone to kick them in the ass whenever they fall down in the parental responsibility department.
But we know that'll never happen because it might cause them to be uncomfortable and now-a-days America is all about fast fixes and feelings.

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