Sunday, October 05, 2008

Let see if I understand

We had the Dems forcing banks to lend money to under qualified people and others who rushed in to throw loans at illegals.

When the housing market and the ENRON style accounting that was going on up in FREDDY-MAY started to head south, everyone started to panic.

Then the same people who caused the FANNY-MAC problems in the first place decided to "fix" the problem with even *more* meddling. But that was supposed ti fix the problem.

Then came the meltdown over at Wall St. and we just had to rush a $700,000,000,000 taxpayer funded giveaway to 'save' the industry.
This $700 Billion which incidentally was just pulled from Paulsons ass with no other reason than "it was a huge number" (I read that on a forgotten blog last week).

Now we are told that this massive and pork laden bill ...which was so urgent that no one really knew what those 400 pages really said- because no one took the time to READ the thing...isn't going to do much good until the housing market regains it's inflated value.

I'm no economist, but- it seems that the market would have recovered on it's own when the housing market stopped listing so badly. You know- without an urgent $800 Billion of taxpayer money.

Now Cali and about 14 other Liberal states are letting their candymen in DC know that they'll be wanting a reward for fucking up their states financial operations.
...And Congress will be more than happy to throw another $50-or-so Billion down the crapper.

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