Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dear Congress

Thanks for f*cking up the economy.

I just spent about $25 more for the same amount of food than I did even six months ago.
Even the Walmart branded bread costs almost a dollar, and forget anything close to cheap meat; not to mention ANYTHING that has even a whiff of corn attached to its manufacture.

As for that gasahol ADM payback you're calling renuable fuel, I'm not buying any. I refuse to pay more for something that gives me even WORSE fuel economy.

If you really wanted to help the economy, you should have shovelled that $800+ BILLION dollars to every taxpayer in the U.S.- that may have even stopped the hemorraging of Wall St. I know I would have loaded up on stocks if I could have afforded it. I can't, though because everything you touch is costing me more and more.

Have I mentioned I'll not be voting for ANY incumbant this time around?
That includes John Cornyn and the soon-to-be-running-for-Governer Kay Bailey-Hutchinson.
My Rep is a Dem, so that's already been decided.

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