Sunday, February 05, 2023


 Down here in South-central Texas we don't get a lot during the summer.
Last summer was one of the dryer years, so I got curious to see how far I'd have to got if I dug a stock tank.

I want it deep enough that I can put fish in it, too. So early August, late July- dug a trench in the lowest part of Rancho Snakebit. This is basically the bottom of a bowl where everything drains to.

Seven feet down before I got anything that wasn't bone dry, and the clay was as hard as brick mortar.
I stopped about seven feet wen I found sandy clay that was maybe not dry- calling it moist would be a long-shot.

This is the same trench last week before the cold rainy, windy week we had.


  1. Are we talking about eating fish or just Koi?
    Will be interesting to watch the water hole..

  2. Eating fish.
    The problem is that I don't know if I can get some kind of ecosystem going with that much variance.
    Or using the house well to keep it up.