Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Birthplace of the Winds

 Adak, Alaska.

It's an island about 2/3 out on the Aleutian Island chain in the bearing Sea.
The wind is always blowing and the overcast is constant. On the occasional days that they clouds let the sun in, everyone not standing duty is generally granted Sunshine Liberty to enjoy it.

The way the weather has been here in Seguin, TX for almost a week- it feels like I was back up there.
In the wind, rain, cold overcast.
At least down here we don't have mosquitoes the size of Silver Dollars.

That's not me, I was there about 1984, but I used it because the sign was the same.
Off to his right is the Pet Sematary


  1. I was there in’93-‘94 working on the high school that never opened. I remember it as being pretty warm, compared to the rest of Alaska. Never saw so many eagles!

  2. I was on Shemya a few islands to the west in 71-72