Thursday, May 12, 2022

'Normal' FBI agents are troubled at the direction it's headed

 It's been headed that way for years, even before Orangemanbad.
These same 'troubled' agents will keep working to further however far the Leftist apparatchik leaders want to take it.

Unlike Socialist bureaucrats who would work to put sand in the gears of anything they disapprove of.


  1. "Ve vas onle followink orders" and there is the pension to consider.

  2. "Normal" FBI agents...?
    I hope neither of those two guys get in any trouble over this.

  3. Bullshit, most folks who work at the FBI - Fumbling Bimbo's Inc., will protect the bad apples all the way to the bank. These people are the democrats gestapo period.

  4. As long as their paychecks get deposited, nothing will change.

  5. So troubled. Top. Men.

    Of course, a pension is more important that whatever values I claim to have (when nobody is looking), so I'm totally going to go along with it. My plan is to to bitch like a woman to a website, while supporting my paymasters like the whore I am.

    Actually, that's not true. Whores have value and people willingly buy their services, unlike fedgov cops who are too lazy to work, but also too cowardly to steal. Fuck them.

  6. "Normal" FBI agents.......
    Who here would work for a company that had a President and senior executive staff willfully and wantonly breaking the laws with no remorse?
    Sorry, anyone working for the FBI at this point is as guilty as the lawbreakers.