Saturday, March 26, 2022

Is this a hate crime?


So there I was making deliveries up in Killeen.
It was on the warm side, so I had my sleeves rolled up.
Out of McDonalds came this kid and his battle bud.
He saw my Seabee tat on my forearm and said Navy?!?

I said yes and his battle pinned my elbows behind my back.
This guy took off my cover and poured Rip-IT over my head, threw a handful of Motrin at me and yelled...
"This is Army country!"


  1. While it might not be a hate crime, it's definitely not a like-crime.

  2. Weird damned post. "his battle"...... your cover? WTF?

    1. Air Force has Wingmen
      Army has battle Buddys.
      (Marines and Navy aren't afraid to be out alone)

      In the military a cover is a hat.

  3. Sounds like a good time to be judged by 12.