Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Making hay while the sun shines.

 I wonder how many of my younger readers (if I have any) understands what that means.

This isn't about taking opportunities while you can, it's about hay bales.

With the alternating downpours and droughts we've had this last year, there's been a hard time finding hay- round bales especially.
The donkeys are hungry and broke into the storage area to eat the oldest s box of saved books and they're starting to strip bark off the younger mesquite trees.

SO... I was supposed to pick up a round bale today, but the thunderstorm we had last night made it too muddy for him to get to them today. Maybe tomorrow.

So I bought three square bales. for 7 donkeys and two horses.

Six donkey decided they were going to share one bale when Lottie saw an open one.....
Then there's Clementine who has to be different.

That green you see is mostly pigweed and not forage.

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