Sunday, April 25, 2021

Another reason I don't drive Fords

 I shouldn't be bagging on them because I own stock and they didn't screw their stockholders when they took Satan's bailout..................GM.

But when they did away with the full sized Bronco and went with that butt-fugly late 90's body style they lost me.
Their radios suck.
The steering is completely isolated from the road.
Her 2013 has been in the shop more than my 2013 Silverado.

And the final reason is their capless gas filler neck. Which you can't open with a gas can spout, or jamming the pliers part of a leatherman into it.
If you try letting it pour in and seep in, it flows to the ground.
......So you have to improvise with anything cylindrical and handy.

I didn't know that it had to use a supplied adapter, and I'm NOT going to dig around in all the crap the wife carries in the back of her cab.


  1. your truck comes with a gas neck funnel specifically made for this purpose, use it.

  2. They come with an adaptor....

  3. You didn't even look did you

    1. Why would I start looking for something I didn't know existed?

    2. Uh, Owner's Manual??

      (Running, uh, Gimping for cover.)

    3. Why should I look in the owners manual for something that I shouldn't need to look in there for?
      Besides, It probably got lost or thrown away anyhow.

  4. Have never before in my life heard of such crap. This is so basic it beats out the concept of the "dealer only" repair codes shielding computerized vehicles from repair by independent mechanics.

  5. FWIW- The mid 90s Ford F-250s were some of the handsomest pickups ever made. I should have snagged one after my '87 burned up in a wildfire. It was a good pickup but it's appearance was a little too bug-eyed to suit me. The early & mid 90 models were a big improvement.

  6. Ford lost me years ago when I had a 94 performance package Crown Vic. I won't even list everything that went wrong. At 137,000 mile with its second blown transmission I sold it to a roofing crew for $400 and a pile of landscaping rocks they had. I was talking to a guy recently who said he was driving his brand new "eco-boost" F-150 straight down the highway, 65 miles an hour, neither speeding up or slowing down, and one of the piston/connecting rod assemblies blew out of the side of the engine block. My family came from Detroit and I was taught to worship Ford. It kind of hurt to let go.