Sunday, October 14, 2018

It was raining in Austin last night

F%cking pouring actually.
AS I was on the way home from the rout it really started coming down and the entire drive through Austin on I-35 looked like some kind of major accident scene.

Because of the frigging MORONS who had to put on their hazards as soon as they turned on their wipers.
You couldn't tell if anyone was disabled, going slower or changing lanes- because every 4 wheeler on the road had their fucking flashers on.

Which idiotic blue state tells people to use their hazards in the rain?

It must be blue state Carpetbaggers because Austin is the only Texas city I've seen it done.

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  1. I was on IH 10, and some ass clown was slow driving in the fast lane, being paced by another ass clown in the middle lane, and the right lane was full of slow trucks. Both of the ass clowns had their flashers on, and oblivious of the traffic they were backing up.