Friday, May 09, 2014

The newest 'pooter

I'm not backing off my wish that WIN-8 and it's even worse "upgrade" WIN-8.1 both die screaming in a fire.

But I found that you can still get brand new computers loaded with WIN-7, except that you have to order them.

Mine's a Dell, and I found out from IMing a tech that the touchpad non-scrolling thing is a FEATURE! of WIN-8.1 (Die in a fire while being skinned alive!).

You can go to the website of your big electronics box store and search for computers using OS as a requirement, and it will show you what you can still order.


  1. Does it come with all the current updates preloaded? Or do you have to blow your download budget for 6 months patching it yourself from the initial release?

    1. The way I understand- Dell is building(or assembling?) it as we speak.
      It's scheduled to be sent out next week sometime.
      I'd bet that the software is pretty up to date.

  2. I got a new Dell Inspiron 15R last month. I picked it because it came with Windows 7. It is working well and I am happy with it.

  3. Hey Kurt;

    It is nice to see that others have the same opinion of 8.1 that I have. Well I consider it to sit on the right hand of lucifer. I love my XP, it was stable...didn't eat my postings.....and worked like I wanted it to. But now that XP is end of Life, I am having to look for another operating system. I can either buy an offering from Microsoft or I can check in on Linux. That is what I am doing right now..

  4. Ubuntu Linux. Not for geeks, for ordinary people like us. It loads off a disk, looks like WinXP or Win7, has everything you need like a word processor, a browser, etc. Best of all, it can be test run by booting off the DVD so you don't even have to commit to anything to try it. And it's free.


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