Monday, May 19, 2014

That certainly sux

The only viable internet we have at the ranch is satellite.

We could have wireless broadband, but the new guy is putting his antennas up and jamming the original provider from our electric co-op.
Now there are two wireless providers jamming each other because the greedy new guy wants our co-op to buy him out at his asking price.


  1. I guess it;s more a matter of can he get away with it?

    AND if he's a big Democrat contributor,,,I'm sure nobody's going to give it a good look.

  2. There used to be this outfit in DC called the FCC that had rules about who could use which frequencies...

    I suppose they only care now if the complaint is against a conservative.

    I host the local repeater for the wireless company here - I get a free business level connection for the price of the power for the equipment. They maintain and insure the tower.

    Haven't seen or heard of any interference so far around here.

  3. You can file a complaint if it's interfering with your signal. Also the other providers can file complaints as well as file suit for tortious interference. (I think I spelled that right)

    If he is interfering with the signals from other wireless providers he can get the FCC down on him plus be held liable in a civil case. Also you and the other providers can ask for the FCC to check his radiated power output and assigned frequencies. If he is exceeding power or operating out of his assigned frequencies the FCC can literally sieze his equipment and shut him down, while everyone else sues him also.