Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I drove the same S-10 for over ten years

I drove the Ranger for about four months and never had a windshield chip in either one.

I get the high Dollar Silverado and get two withing two weeks.

One is a crack I can ignore, the new one (this morning) is right in my line of sight.

So I guess I'll have to see if i want to pay of have my insurance tell me the deductible will take care of it ---and I pay increased premiums.

I just hope the window place can save my inspection and registration stickers....


  1. Check your state law. In Kentucky windshields are replaced for "free" if you have full coverage. The state law says "safety equipment must be covered with no deductible" or words to that effect. I have never seen a windshield claim cause rates to go up either.

  2. Windshields used to be covered by policies with "full glass". I don't know what they call it now, but I have never had any trouble with getting mine replaced when needed and rates don't go up because of it. It is not a reflection on how well you drive.