Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I bought a computer for the 'dog house' yesterday

The only options I had was what size laptop and what features?

I got an upper end, so we could use that as the main computer when this one dies.

I spent over three hours trying to find out how to enable scrolling on the pad and every time I swiped the pad I had two new unrelated tabs pop up.

I just want to say here and now..
Microsoft....DIE IN A FIRE!

Not only is it completely different- it's dumbed down so you DON'T have any way of changing the factory settings.

BTW, that DIE IN A FIRE goes for you too H-P.

I'm open for work-arounds.

EDIT to add:
05-01 (happy Workers Holiday!) -14
I took the thing back and got a Levotono notebook with Android.
It works like my fone, and someone said on FB that it's based on Linux-

If that's the case, I'll get that Win-8 and download linux........


  1. Dare I suggest Linux?

    PS Know what you mean about Microshaft.

  2. Someone who shares my opinion of Microsoft!

  3. Win 8.1 sucks on a variety of levels. The main problem I have is the mandatory use of a M$ account just to unlock the damn thing. I use a variety of passwords for a variety of applications and don't like having to use a web login to wake up my laptop.

    1. I hate 8.1 less than I hated 8. Does that count?

  4. I LOOOVVVVVE my MacBook!
    (Runs for the hills, quite a feat in Southwest Louisiana)