Sunday, March 09, 2014

How can someone- in this day and age...

live without running water?

When we bought the place I didn't notice the Knob and tube wiring that would have saved me at least $4,000 off the price, but the tweeker living there had the water shut off.

He had the main water line cut under the main valve and a hose 90'd off (direct to the male theraded 90- no valve there, either0.
We I get that fixed and turn pon the water to see almost every pipe leaking.....

Crap! That's another $6,000 I could have saved.

I found the guy didn't know what a wrench was- or how to use it to tighten pipes.
I 'm in the process of replacing the floor the throne sat on and the wall I had to tear out for the tub valves.
I guess I'll add a shower head, since I have to redo the entire wall.

The lavatroty sink is gone, but the faucet is still there.
The kitchen sink is gone and so is the faucet.

I was thinking of saving it and making it a guest house/ hobby room, because it is Texas history, but now I think I'll take it apart and see what's usable later.

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